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Texas Chief Justice: Parties Stand in the Way of Judicial Election Reform



Welcome to my blog! My name is Eric Robinson and I'm-

You know what? Screw it. This is about the tenth time I have created a blog and started with this post, foolishly believing that I would be able to look back at those blogs hundreds of post later with great pride. Instead, all that's come up are a series of blogs with literally one or two posts on them.

The reason for this is because I am conflicted as to what I'm actually interested in. One minute, I'm writing about politics and following elections in a really excitable and passionate manner. The next  minute, I'm passionately deconstructing and researching the latest in TV and movies. This results in a lack of focus and half-assed blogs that are quickly abandoned due to a lack of interest in that moment.

To remedy this, I have decided to just write everything in a singular blog.

From now on, everything I write will show up on this blog, whether it be a post on television, movies, politics, or all of those things combined. The blog will also give updates as to what things I have written about on other blogs, providing a means to promote my work while maintaining some degree of focus.

So yeah.

My name is Eric Robinson, and we'll see if this blog lasts longer than a week. My track record does not do much to instill even the smallest degree of confidence.

Happy blogging!