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Flashback: Frohnmayer: Over 50% of Oregon Voters Don’t Have Equal Voice in Elections

This was an article I did for IVN about the Unified Primary initiative in Oregon. Click here for the article.
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Flashback: Falchuk: Massachusetts Election Reform Bill Won’t Improve Voting

This was one of the first articles I ever had to conduct an interview with. The experience, while initially nerve-wracking, was absolutely fullfilling. To this day, the interview process is something I have not only gotten decent at, but actually look forward to doing when tackling an article. Click here for the article.
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Flashback: 5 Lawmakers in 10 Elections Makes TX-23 Most Volatile District in State

This is an election article I wrote earlier this year. Click here to read it.
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Flashback: 'The Michael J. Fox Show' Pilot Review

Another one of my first pilot reviews for the Hatchet. This pilot was pretty disappointing unfortunately. That's probably why it got cancelled. Click here to read it!
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Flashback: 'Super Fun Night' Pilot Review

One of the first movies I review for the GW Hatchet. Personally, I think it's the best review I ever wrote for the publication. Click here to read it!
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Flashback: Capital Funk pops and locks for 10th anniversary showcase

During my first year at the Hatchet, I did a piece about George Washington University's Capital Funk, a hip-hop group that was celebrating it's 10th Anniversary with a big showcase. It was a very interesting experience that was very fun to watch and write about! Click here to check it out!

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I'm awake! I'm awake!

Dear non-existent readership,
Well that was a long hiatus! Thankfully, the hiatus only gets longer, as I will be backpacking in Europe for the entire month. Thankfully, I have a large backlog of material that I will use to try to fill the gap. Plus I have a few ideas planned for the future. I can't really talk about them, as they need more time to coalesce, but in the mean time: here are some old reviews and articles I neglected to update you on!

Eric Robinson

PS: Is anyone out there?